Patronage Committee

Under the Honorary Chairmanship of His Royal Highness
Prince LAURENT of Belgium


Prof. Dr. Christian de DUVE (Nobel Prize Laureate, UCL)
Prof. Dr. Ilya PRIGOGINE (Nobel Prize Laureate, ULB)

Dr. Daniel CAHEN (Director, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences)

Prof. Dr. André THEWIS (Rector, FUSAGx)
Prof. Dr. A. OOSTERLINCK (Rector, KULeuven)
Prof. Dr. Harry MARTENS (Rector, LUC)
Prof. Dr. W. DECLEIR (Rector, RUCA)
Prof. Dr. J. WILLEMS (Rector, RUG)
Prof. Dr. R. VERHEYEN (Rector, UA)
Prof. Dr. Marcel CROCHET (Rector, UCL)
Prof. Dr. Pierre de MARET (Rector, ULB)

Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis VANHERWEGHEM (Pro-Rector, ULB)
Prof. Dr. Claude DEROANNE (Pro-Rector, FUSAGx)

Prof. Dr. R.PAQUAY (Dean Science Faculty, FUNDP)
Prof. Dr. Luc VANQUICKENBORNE (Dean Science Faculty, KULeuven)
Prof. Dr. Herman CALLAERT (Dean Science Faculty, LUC)
Prof. Dr. A. VERSCHOREN (Dean Science Faculty, RUCA)
Prof. Dr. E. GERAERT (Dean Science Faculty, RUG)
Prof. Dr. Francis BORCEUX (Dean Science Faculty, UCL)
Prof. Dr. Pierre MARAGE (Dean Science Faculty, ULB)
Prof. Dr. C. HOUSSIER (Dean Science Faculty, ULg)
Prof. Dr. Philippe HERQUET (Dean Science Faculty, UMH)
Prof. Dr. J. LEMONNE (Dean Science Faculty, VUB)

Political authorities

Mr. Philippe BUSQUIN (Member of the European Commission) 
Mr. Guy VERHOFSTADT (Prime Minister)

Mr. François-Xavier de DONNEA (Minister-President, Brussels-Capital Region)
Mr. Karl-Heinz LAMBERTZ (Minister-President, German-speaking Community)

Mr. Pierre HAZETTE (Minister of Secondary Education, French Community)
Mrs. Françoise DUPUIS (Minister of Higher Education, French Community)
Mrs. Marleen VANDERPOORTEN (Minister of Education, Flemish Community)
Mr. Bernd GENTGES (Minister of Education, German-speaking Community)
Mr. Yvan YLIEFF (Federal Commissioner for Science Policy)

Mr. Freddy THIELEMANS (Mayor of Brussels)

Mr. Jacques SIMONET (Deputy)