Some photos from IBO 2001

We took several hundreds photos during the Belgian IBO. Her is a very short selection.
We are preparing a CD for giving all photos to all delegations that have participated.


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Arrival by bike! Boarding schoool Boarding schoool

Opening Ceremony

music_open.jpg (237551 octets) placing-trophy.jpg (40845 octets) Jury-chair.jpg (33911 octets) belgium-del.jpg (62426 octets) deleg_azerb.jpg (59533 octets)
Musicians Bringing the trophy The Jury Chairman Delegation Delegation
oath.jpg (46828 octets) IBO-trophy.jpg (14401 octets) conclusion.jpg (41015 octets)
Olympic Oath The IBO trophy Concluding


dissecting.jpg (46626 octets)

Closing Ceremony

4S.JPG (108096 octets) MVC-004S.JPG (65100 octets) MVC-008S.JPG (81869 octets) MVC-013S.JPG (74271 octets) MVC-015S.JPG (37042 octets)
The audience... Medals waiting Flags raised Mr. de Donnea,
of Brussels-Capital
Mrs. Dupuis,
Minister of
Higher Education
 P7140119.JPG (215141 octets) P7140120.JPG (58774 octets)
 And the winner is: Miss Chansakul
12S.JPG (47736 octets) 14S.JPG (30457 octets) 19S.JPG (19843 octets) MVC-021S.JPG (29655 octets) P7140084.JPG (126482 octets)
Latvia gets the Trophy Gérard & Hugo Hans Morélis Prof. De Vos